COVID 19 & US covid-19 vaccination

It is well to be noted that when it comes to Physiotherapy treatment, we do not discriminate between Covid & Non-Covid patients. However, we would want our patients to be cautious and call us up if need be for consultation. Also, we recommend and vouch for all the COVID-19 measures initiated by the State Government and would urge people to effectively use them.

We have all been caught off guard. The pandemic has hit the world really hard with all its might and has crippled our routine life to no end. That said, COVID-19 dosages are well on their way, but being complacent is the last thing one should be doing in this tricky time. While we hope that this pandemic ends soon, we expect our visitors to be vigilant at all times. PhysioJi would hereby urge all the visitors to comply with the following rules-

Do Not Visit-

  • If you are unwell.
  • If you have been in close proximity to a person affected by COVID-19.
  • If you have travelled anywhere domestically, especially in the COVID-19 hotspots or Overseas in the last 14 days.

We realize the important role family members and friends play in the healing process and although the aim for all of us is to balance the needs of the patient, yet these restrictions which are being levied are for our well-being and should not be given a miss. Visitor regulations & all the other mandatory requirements that fall under the COVID-19 guidelines floated by The Government of India need to be strictly adhered to within the hospital premises.

We aim to protect patients, their loved ones and our staff and forward to a COVID-19 free world soon, but till then let us continue with the measures that safeguard us.

The visitor restriction guidelines shall be evaluated regularly.

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